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We bring a new perspective in the Albanian market aiming to play a strategic role in the transformation of the telecommunications infrastructure of the country.

Who we are

Albanian Telecommunications Union (ATU) was established on September 2010. The core business of the company is wholesale capacity provider in Albania, for both data and internet. The capacity will be provided via a fully owned fiber optic network, which can be considered as the backbone network of Albania.

The license for the construction and operation of the fiber network on the Albanian national highways has been granted to ATU by the Governmental Authorities.

Our capabilities

We assure ethical and transparent conduct towards all our partners and customers with these values being the main line of our development.

We work vigorously to reach the best results in the domestic and international market. We strive to have positive results in the provision of services with low costs as well as in the increase of transmission capacities with the sole goal of fulfilling all customer requirements.

Vision and Strategy

ATU has a clear mission and it is the offering of contemporary service for the Albanian companies and organizations and converting Albania in the main centre of Information Technology and Telecommunications in the region.

The managing model that the company applies has the customer at its heart, be it as individuals in the retail sector or companies and organizations in the corporate sector.