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Backbone infrastructure

The network map shows the fiber optic route and the Points of Presence (PoPs), which are installed in all the major cities of Albania. Each PoP will serve as a mini data center in order to house ATU and customers’ telecom and mission critical IT equipment, enabling thus each customer to create a main PoP for delivering service to each city of interest.

Network statistics
  • 750 Km of fibre
  • PoPs in 12 cities with active equipment. Namely: Tirana (Kashar), Durrës, Elbasan, Pogradec, Korçë, Shkodër, Reps, Kukës, Fier, Vlorë, Tepelenë, Gjirokastër
  • 20 cities with capability of direct connectivity to our network. Namely: Tirana, Durrës, Kavaja, Rrogozhinë , Peqin, Elbasan, Librazhd , Pogradec , Korçë, Krujë, Laç, Lezhë, Shkodër, Mirditë, Kukës, Lushnje, Fier, Vlorë, Tepelenë and Gjirokastër
  • 4 bordering countries. Namely: Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia/FYROM and Greece
ATU Network Map