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Our network provides a wide portfolio of services and cost effective solutions for your business, based in cutting edge technology.

Leased lines Point-to-Point

ATU, via its DWDM transmission network, provides transparent leased lines at their native protocol. This includes SDH and Ethernet. Each leased line is provisioned point to point. This way, our customers can have a reliable connection knowing that their data will be transported without the need to make any protocol conversion.

Long term Leased Lines Point-to-Point

Long terms leased point to point service is yet another option for customers who know their long term business plans and can now have the required capacity for the period of time that will cater for the business that is foreseen. By providing this service, our customers will not have to spend their time requesting the capacity to be constantly adjusted, along with time consuming invoices that can eventually distract from core business issues.

Internet access – IP Transit Services

The quality of an IP service is only as good as the network upon which it rides. At last, with ATU’s state of the art network, Albania can now have the internet it deserves at the highest quality available with competitive prices. Service Providers and ISPs can now obtain internet capacities to truly satisfy their customers.

Dark Fiber based on IRU agreement

ATU’s Dark Fiber Services are designed to put a customer in full control of their network. Dark Fiber provides flexibility of choice over the service platforms that a customer may wish to deploy. Our clients are safe in the knowledge that expansion and full control lay firmly in their own hands.

Capacity based on IRU agreement

As a wholesale carrier operator ATU can also provide other forms of services for its customers. One of these is the aggregate capacity that allows the customers operating in a dynamic market environment to manage and adjust their bandwidth in any part of their network. ATU can realize this according to their specific demands, without having fixed bandwidths and locations that restrict their business from responding to true network demands.

All services rendered are transported over DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology allowing for data transmission in very high capacities.

The aforementioned services include capacities that range from STM-1/4/16/64 on SDH technology, and from 10Mbps /100Mbps /1000Mbps /10 Gbps on Ethernet technology, according to customer requirements.